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I love my sign

Daily Rambling

I love my sign


January 28th, 2009

wonder how many bulls are looking for a mate?

September 18th, 2006

(no subject)

Welcome to another new community, taurus_love!

So, in honor of the grand opening, I'm posting several different horoscope interpretations for today.

September 18, 2006
"Self-reliance is in order so don't just go on dreaming things. 'Doing' is the operative word at the moment and requires you to start that new project. Do what stimulates your imagination and can inspire someone around you now. Sharing the dream and sending a positive signal to a loved one can smooth over a tense situation today."
courtesty of astrology.com.au

"Your imagination is running amok. In some ways, this torrent of ideas is fantastic -- you're getting inspiration for all of your projects. In other ways, it's not. Watch out for paranoia-infused notions. Find balance."
courtesy of astrology.com

"Work, business, and domestic affairs take on a serious note on this day when responsibilities grow increasingly more difficult and there's a strong pull not to face up to the truth of a matter."
courtesy of dellhoroscope.com

And there you have it. Oh, and I'm your owner fallen_eden, and I'm a Taurus ;)
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